Bonsai Tree Farming Business Ideas

Today I will bring to you those who love bonsai the good news about Bonsai business so much money?

Where wholesale bonsai suppliers, plans to sell ornamental silver coins will be answered through the article below. Do not miss the following fascinating things.

Bonsai Business Ideas

Bringing green space to the desk has become a popular trend among office workers and young people recently. Many scientific studies have also shown the good effects of putting green plants at the desk or in the office.

It’s not too difficult to start getting rich from these pretty little pots, but most importantly, your passion for these green friends will ignite and help you start a business smoothly. and develop into new heights.

The creative bonsai business in the following article will be a great suggestion if you still do not know what to do today.

1. Selling Bonsai Plants

Pots, flower pots with a size of about 15-20 cm or mini size of 5-10 cm are very suitable for the desk. Pots made from ceramic or plastic, pre-planted trees, and decorative grass.

The variety of plants from chrysanthemums, roses, life flowers or conifer … are very popular with customers. The price of pots usually ranges from 50k-100k including pots.

2. Business Mini Bonsai

Another trend that has been of great interest to young people in the recent past is the air plants – Terrarium.

Most of the air samples are now imported from Thailand, a small number of other shop owners are self-taught from the seeds, planting methods to finding suppliers of beautiful glass jars and making their own samples. unique.

3. Trading In Fake Trees And Plastic Trees

Along with real trees, air plants, the bonsai business with the idea of ​​fake trees, the sap is also worth a look, with colors, designs and categories as rich and vivid as real trees, fake trees, plastic trees are both gifts, souvenirs and can be left on the desk.

4. Trading In Tree Seeds And Flowers

Not only targeting customers looking for ready-to-eat and desktop plants, but also for the bonsai market, you can grow with the idea of ​​trading seeds and flowers.

Stemming from worries about dirty food, many housewives and office workers grow sprouts and vegetables, causing the need to find seeds and flowers to start forming.

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Currently, the market for tree seeds and flowers is growing from popular vegetables such as cabbage, chrysanthemum, cauliflower, cabbage to strawberries, or flowers from Japanese chrysanthemums, sunflower, etc. looking to buy.

5. Planting And Tending Tools

Want to plant trees, take care of the garden, need garden tools, right? If you don’t want to trade in a bonsai tree, why not try the gardening market.

Not just ordinary porcelain pots or flying earth, you can choose cute gardening products with vintage or animal designs to attract customers.

6. Open Bonsai Business

If you open a store, you should have a larger capital of 15-30 million to cover the cost, at least the rent for the first 3 – 6 months of business.

Depending on the target audience, you can choose a location near the school or office area, not necessarily on the big street.

Just a place that is easy to find and helps increase access to customers. the ground area also does not need to be too wide, about 20 – 30m² is sufficient, but it should be streamlined to create a spacious and comfortable space.

Effective bonsai store management with the best sales management software available today. Experience a 15-day free trial right away without a penny.

7. Bonsai Business Online

You need to prepare a capital of 5 – 10 million, mainly to serve the initial import. You do not need to invest the cost of premises, shop decoration when doing business online.

However, to sell, you need to have a plan to attract and reach the right target customers.

If you want an effective online business, you should manage the creation of orders, inventory, profits, with specialized software for online business people.

The experience immediately 15 days completely free online sales management software today.

8. Buying And Reselling

Buying and reselling will work best if you find a good supply. If possible, they will provide maximum support for capital and goods for you.

For example, they may give themselves a cheap discount if they commit to import goods in large and continuous quantities.

Some mini bonsai vendors also accept re-acceptance if you are unable to find customers during that time.

9. Create Your Own Sources

If you can afford to spend your time and effort taking care of your relative bonsai tree, you should create your own.

At this time the cost will be about 5 million with about 2 million USD of capital and (about 3 million USD to approach customers).

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This form will save the maximum cost you need for business, is the perfect answer to the question of how much mini bonsai business needs capital.

However, a limitation of this form is that you have to take care of the whole job from planting, tending and delivering to buyers.

10. Pentecostal Tree

The beautiful little leaves of the Five Hare Plants always make growers excited. Plants are easy to take care of and live well in an air-conditioned environment.

Uses: Making fresh air, filtering harmful air. Also, the tree can repel mosquitoes.

11. Tongue Tree

The tongue tree is known for its rare vigor. It is also an office bonsai that has many wonderful uses when it is planted, caring is extremely simple and easy.

Uses: Absorbs carcinogenic toxins such as formaldehyde and nitrogen oxide … and is often grown in areas such as factories, high-rise office buildings.

12. Singapore Eagle

If you want European style office, Singapore would be a great choice. Singapore Bang is a quite unique ornamental tree that tree lovers love to grow in their home or office or office decoration.

You can grow a mini desktop or bookshelf and grow large to set the corner of the room.

Uses: The ability to filter air, dust is very high.

13. Focusing on Product Images

Product images will be especially important if you trade mini bonsai online. Besides the common standards for images such as beautiful, clear, you need to pay attention to the layout, lighting.

So that the product becomes the most shimmering in the eyes of customers.

How do customers look at photos will immediately have the thought: “This product was born for me”. This will prompt them to make a faster purchase decision.

14. Technical Care Bonsai

Business bonsai is certainly not to be missed this step, you even have to spend a lot of time to learn about it. Each tree has its own characteristics.

You must be really knowledgeable about your product to have ways to overcome its disadvantages and promote its advantages.

The more you learn, the better the crop quality is. To provide the best products to customers.

Moreover, having an understanding of plant care techniques will give you the knowledge to share with customers.

These values ​​will reinforce the trust and reputation of the store.

15. Put The Message In Each Pot

Ornamental plants are loved not only for the green, cool but also for the individual meanings that plants bring.

Therefore, for many people when bringing trees into the home, there is a consideration of their meaning.

As a salesperson, you need to update the meaning regarding the tree you are selling.

Delivering product messages, stories or specials to customers will stimulate their buying needs.

It is also a way to help you increase the value of your products.

16. Services Included When Trading Bonsai

Besides selling bonsai, you can also sell more gardening and care tools such as pots, pots, mini shovels.

Today, this item is relatively diverse for you to choose from. Not just ceramic pots or aluminum watering cans as before.

Customers want to choose products with different textures and materials.

These beautiful accessories are just to give customers all they need, just let them see that you are a professional address.

Also, the option of trading more flower seeds or ornamental plants is a very effective model.

In addition to customers wishing to buy existing trees, many also want to grow and care for their favorite species.


Diversifying the products sold will attract more customers because their needs are satisfied and focused. Instead of having to go to many places to buy all the things you need, you just need to go to a place that is provided.

This is also the experience to increase the great sales that successful entrepreneurs share.

The bonsai business market is very developed and diverse, so choose a suitable business idea to bring green to your living space, workspace through shops or website sales design to reach. Online customers.

Do you have a good idea, let us know in the comments below to let everyone know what to do now!

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