10 Profitable Small Business Ideas While Working Full Time

Small Business Ideas While Working Full Time

We understand the difficulty of starting your own small business while working full time. Hours spent at work and a lack of energy at the end of the workday sometimes makes shaping those business ideas you have in mind become a secondary priority that can wait. So it is not a question of lying to ourselves. The truth is that if you are working full time and want to create profitable businesses parallel to your work or simply earn some extra money to supplement your income, you will have to make an extra effort.

We must remember that depending on a single source of income can be dangerous in the long term, because if that source of income disappears, we are left with nothing. That’s why as rewarding as our full-time job is, finding those right business ideas and becoming your own boss even if it’s, at least initially, eventually, in the long run is more rewarding and meaningful.

Once we have shaped our idea and it has grown into a profitable business, all the effort will have been worth it. So let’s see what profitable business ideas we can start while working full time.

Fortunately, there are many ways to start businesses and earn extra income even if you don’t have a lot of free time. If all goes well, you may even end up having more than 10 different sources of income so that, when the time comes, your brute force income from your job is only a small percentage of your total income. At that point, you could even say goodbye to your job to dedicate yourself to creating small businesses.

Profitable small business ideas while working full time

Here are 10 small business ideas while working full time.

1. Create your own blog.

Small Business Ideas While Working Full Time

It is probably one of the most repeated business ideas . You may have even heard that it is no longer worth opening your own blog because they are no longer a valid source of income. That is completely false !!

What you cannot do is open your own blog to say nothing new and dedicate yourself solely to copying other articles and repeating what others have already said by only changing two sentences in an article. By doing that, you simply will not take off in this world.

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I’m not going to lie to you either. It is not easy to create a successful blog today, because you compete against giants, so the most profitable thing is to find a niche that you master well and attack it with your own style and personality. And it must be a niche where advertising pays well or where advertisers are willing to pay for sponsored posts considering that you are a reference in that specific niche.

It is not difficult to quickly earn an income of around 200 or 300 euros per month from the second month. And of course, it is not out of your reach to generate more than 1,000 euros per month with a blog solely for advertising. And although it may seem outrageous, it is not crazy to think that you can get more than 2,000 and 3,000 euros with your own blog.

To put you in a situation, at Negocios1000, only in sponsored posts we reject more than 1,200 euros per month. We declined because we have slowed down the rate of posts and cannot break the balance between sponsored posts / posts. That is, we cannot have more sponsored posts than publications.

How to grow a blog?

You have two ways to grow your own blog. One is slower and more patient (especially if you are working full time), and is to publish little by little and look for organic growth by attacking the keywords of your niche in question.

The other is investing money to increase the rate of publications and improve SEO in a faster way. That is, if you don’t have all the time you’d like to dedicate to the blog, you can always hire freelance writers to post on it, and even invest in some social media advertising to drive traffic to your blog.

In one way or another, if you are honest, have principles and values ​​and master a specific topic, I assure you that a blog is still a profitable business.

2. Your own audiovisual channel (Youtube)

Like the previous point, you may have heard from some youtubers that YouTube no longer pays as well as it used to, etc. But it is not true either. Let’s say that advertisers now choose the themes and average age of a channel’s audience much better.

Simply explained. One of my videos talking about the stock market or business with only 5,000 visits, usually generates the same income or more income than another video with a more banal theme with 100,000 visits. That is what is happening on YouTube.

That is why when you ask a youtuber how much they earn, you would be surprised to know that there are youtubers with 75,000 subscribers who earn more money than other youtubers with 1 million subscribers, simply because they have a higher CPM (cost per 1000 visits) .

I also tell you that a YouTube channel requires much more time if you want to take it as a business. And it is no longer any garbage. Now users want quality. Good image, good sound, good editing, etc.

Let’s say you have to prepare a small script, record, edit, render the video, upload it, put a description and tags on it … that’s why I always say that if you only make videos to earn money and you don’t enjoy the whole process behind it, you’ll end up frustrated to the third video.

Can you make money with a YouTube channel today?

The answer is yes, but it won’t be quick, because today the rules have changed. To be able to monetize the channel you need to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing. However, if you enter a niche that has an active trend at the moment, those can be achieved with 3 videos. In my case, I achieved those first 1000 subscribers in just 3 days and with 2 videos. Of course I already had users in Negocios1000 so I am not a valid example in that sense.

However, to earn 100 or 200 euros a month in 6 months is a feasible goal. From there, everything depends on your dedication and effort.

3. Online courses.

One of the trendy business ideas. and it is that selling your skills is profitable. If you are an expert in something or carefully elaborate a course where you are able to easily gather all the information ordered on a specific topic, without a doubt, there are people willing to pay for it.

There are different platforms where you can sell these courses online. Perhaps the best known is Udemy. Some time ago we published the story of a 25-year-old who earned more than $ 120,000 selling a course on this platform . There are many more cases of people who passively make an extra income of more than $ 15,000 per year thanks to the sale of their course.

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In this article we explained step by step how to create your own online course (info-product) and sell it successfully . You should know that there are different ways to do it and quite a few platforms with different conditions.

4. Sell your own ebook

If we have seen something of the electronic books that are sold on Amazon, it is that even the worst book you see has been downloaded. It is another very profitable way to obtain passive income, and more if the material is good. And since we talk about business ideas while you work full time, well in this case, it’s a matter of writing a few pages of that book every day, and just without realizing it you’ll have it finished before you want to know it.

Keep in mind that it will be easier for you to sell your e-book if you have already created a community of users through a blog or a YouTube channel. Without a doubt, it is an excellent way to improve your personal brand. As you may already suppose, today anyone can self-publish their own book in both electronic and paper format without the need to resort to a publisher.

This has its good side and its bad side, and that is that although anyone can publish a book, a market saturation has also been created where there is a lot of garbage, so you are forced to write a good book.

5. Marketing on Instagram.

Creating an account with thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers takes time, but once achieved, you will have a real chance of being contacted by brands willing to pay you considerable amounts of money to promote their product or service.

We already talked about the case of a couple that charges up to 9,000 euros per publication on Instagram . Perhaps a very extreme case, but it is not crazy that at a certain level of followers there are brands willing to pay you 200 or 300 euros for a promotion of a product. And it all adds up.

6. Photography as a business.

There are many ways to earn money from photography . From taking your own photos and selling them in image banks to creating photography courses and selling them. On the other hand, a good way to make photography your own business parallel to your full-time job is to hold sessions on your days off, both with models, landscapes, weddings and baptisms.

With the issue of selling your photos in image banks, the process is slower, and it is clear that the more photos you have available for download, the more chances you will have of them being sold. In the end, it can end up being a not inconsiderable secondary source of income.

7. Your own podcast.

Although in principle monetizing a podcast can be more complicated, the truth is that you can make money with podcasts both directly and indirectly. Here we explain the ways to make money with a podcast .

There are podcasts that have more listeners than traditional radio stations, so there is a lot of money at stake waiting for you. The advantage of podcasts is that they do not need as much editing work as when uploading a video to YouTube. Otherwise, it’s more of the same. Create interesting content, add value or entertainment and monetize it in the ways we already explained.

8. Freelance Writer for Third Parties.

Can you earn up to $ 1,000 an hour writing from home? The answer is that there are people who do. The media need writers. Good writers. Some companies also need creative people who are able to make an article or a few sentences for publications.

We published the story of a woman who earns up to $ 950 an hour as a freelance writer . And he gave us some tips so that you are not a freelance writer, but so that you have your own profitable business writing for third parties. Definitely a good business idea.

9. Local small business consulting.

If you’ve developed valuable skills or certifications within your industry over the years, consider putting those skills up for sale in your spare time to offer consulting services to local business owners. This can be a potentially lucrative commercial business idea.

There may be more than one small business owner willing to pay to solve a small problem or setback. Other small businesses want to sell across the country through the internet and others are looking for someone to do local marketing with internet advertising.

You should know that if local businesses took advantage of network channels, they could increase their sales considerably.

When we talk about the profitable businesses that we can put in small towns , we must not forget that the internet can make a difference for the expansion of a local business in a lost town. This niche can be very profitable.

10. Commission sales.

Here we do talk about one of the most profitable business ideas that can be started part-time without leaving our current full-time job. If you have sales skills and / or contacts, this business is for you. And it can be really lucrative.

Many companies look to independent salespeople to sell their products part-time, as they have no intention of hiring payroll salesmen. Depending on the product we are talking about and depending on the type of client that is focused, we can earn more or less money. It is something as simple as putting the buyer in contact with the seller. We only have to “put the hand” to collect the commission once the sale has been closed.

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It may not sound very attractive if we are talking about low commissions to small clients, but if we are talking about selling a product or service to a large company, we could be talking about very high commissions.

The good thing about becoming an independent seller is that practically no company that has commercials on the street is going to tell you not to sell their product. In most cases, the company will tell you to go ahead and pay you “x” amount for each product sold.

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