6 Eco Friendly Business Ideas in India for Entrepreneurs

eco friendly business ideas in india

If you are looking for eco friendly business ideas in india then you have jumped into the right article.

Here we will tell you the best eco friendly business ideas in india that you can use to make money and also preserve nature.

Eco Friendly Business Ideas in India

Here are the 6 Eco Friendly Business Ideas that you can use in India and in other countries also. 

Stretch film that can be fertilized for food production

Australian independent market chain Drake aims to reduce the consumption of plastic wrap used in the production of fruits and vegetables sold one by one. Although there are currently many environmentally friendly, biodegradable and fertilized packaging options, the main challenge of this project is that the substance you want to produce can be used in stretch film.

Development of the fertilizable packaging took 12 months under the partnership of BioBag World Australia and IG Fresh. The new packaging developed is made of a resin called Mater-Bi and can be fertilized 100% industrially and disposed of in domestic waste, garden fertilizer and recycle bins. The developer team replaces this product with disposable plastics used for many purposes.

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Fully fertilizable materials become important as people understand the difference between naturally soluble substances and fertilizable materials. Developments and innovations in the science of materials help to increase the sustainability of the supply chain, while reducing pollution in many sectors. From the construction industry to the fashion industry, it helps to increase carbon neutrality as various businesses begin to benefit from fertilizer products.

Adidas develops recyclable running shoes

Germany-based shoe giant Adidas has developed running shoes made of 100% recyclable material. The idea behind this is to give customers the opportunity to return shoes to the company instead of throwing them away. In this way, Adidas will be able to use the returned shoes used in the production of a new pair.

Adidas manufactures shoes called ‘Futurecraft Loop’ with reusable thermoplastic polyurethane (IPU), without using glue. Shoes that will be thrown when they reach the point where they are no longer used can be sent back to Adidas. The process of transforming shoes sent to Adidas into a new shoe works as follows: They are washed beautifully first, and then melted to be part of new pairs of shoes that will be cut and produced.

“Taking plastic waste out of the system is a good step to start, and we’ll bring it on,” said Eric Liedtke, a board member of Adidas. she said and added: “Our goal is that you can use the same shoe over and over again.”

Shoe giant says that shoes made from recycled materials and intended to be used repeatedly can reach the same performance standards as other high-performance sneakers. Futurecraft Loop shoes are still in the testing phase, including the return and recycling process. The start of public sales is expected to be towards spring / summer 2021.

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Producing running shoes with the use of synthetic materials is a bad choice considering environmental concerns. According to a study, the production of a new pair of shoes produces 14 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to the amount that a 100 watt light bulb will burn continuously for a week. The same research also revealed that an average pair of shoes is made from 26 different materials, making this a very difficult recycling. Adidas seems to have solved this problem by using a single recyclable material.

An Australian-based company produces nature-soluble packaging for e-commerce

Australia-based ‘Better Packaging Company’ has developed an environmentally friendly packaging for e-commerce shipments. The company says that the biodegradable and recyclable bags they developed are a subtitle of a larger effort to reduce plastic packaging waste.

The eco-friendly company offers many alternatives to traditional packaging, including plastic ones. The company also produces recyclable envelopes / packs made of limestone quarry waste, texture like paper but waterproof.

In addition to environmentally friendly envelope products, the company has also started to produce courier bags known as ‘Real Dirt Bags’ that can mimic plastic but dissolve in nature unlike plastic. The company, which is not satisfied with these, also offers additional products such as bubble protection, courier labels, zippered polyethylene bags and horizontal wraps that can be combined with courier bags. The founders of the company state that they are inspired to create environmentally friendly alternatives for different packaging designs after encountering the huge waste volume caused by e-commerce. Their products are now used by Etsy’s suppliers and retailers around the world, including L’Oreal.

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As the use of e-commerce expands worldwide, the packaging waste volume increases gradually. According to expert estimates, more than two billion packages are delivered annually in the European Union alone. Some governments, including the UK, and companies like Nestle are also focused on reducing non-recyclable packaging. Demand for environmentally friendly packaging, including recyclable bags, is growing rapidly, according to industry experts.

Cosmetics store reduces waste by not using packaging

Lush’s new, fully transparent concept store in Shinjuku, Japan has been replaced by classic packaging, virtual packaging. In addition to reducing waste, virtual packaging is particularly useful thanks to its capacity and flexibility. When you go to the store, you can download the application and get detailed information about the price, content and how it is used.

The application, which is available on both iOS and Android operating systems, is available in four different languages: Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and English. The Shinjuku store is divided into four different levels, with interactive items specific to each level. There is also a huge digital display outside the building.

Customers who use the application can review and buy the products in the shop window. The ordered products are delivered in recycled and fertilized packaging during shipment.

Lush has often been mentioned with his nature-friendly moves recently.

The artificial intelligence-based platform combines overlapping clothes to reduce fabric waste.

When it comes to shopping for clothes online, it can turn into a difficult jigsaw puzzle game. Many people are hesitating by saying different sizes of the same product and returning the body that does not fit them.

The UK-based Metal platform’s solution to the problem of size and fit offers a different experience to both customers and retailers. Metail offers two different services: MeModel and unified photography. MeModel uses the method of machine learning to take a few body information from customers and make customer-specific, suitable and personalized style and size suggestions.

For retailers, MeModel provides data analysis to help maximize throughput from warehouse management and the supply chain and increase loyalty to the brand by understanding their customers’ preferences. Combined photography offers another service for retailers, offering a much simplified method of photographing and publishing new collections. The advantages of unified photography include dressing the models in a virtual environment, free replays with high costs and allowing different style options with endless combinations.

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In 2019, the number of online shoppers worldwide is approximately 2 billion. While even the returned purchases, which form part of the shopping data, play a crucial role, it is essential to increase the sustainability of the retail (and especially the fashion) sector to mitigate climate change.

Plant-based performance running shoes

These new shoes are part of the brand’s goal to reduce the use of petroleum-based plastics and to produce a shoe from sustainable materials without sacrificing performance.

While the midsole of the running shoe is made of high performance and high flexibility, it is made of eucalyptus trees. It is also resistant to odor and has a sock lining made of moss foam. “We want to help runners feel comfortable, feel good and at the same time perform their best while using the products,” said Reebok brand president Matt O’Toole .

‘Forever Floatride Grow’ will go on sale in autumn 2020. Reebok, which has made great efforts to create more sustainable products, aims to reduce the use of polyester in its products to zero by 2025.

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Like the rest of the fashion industry, the sportswear industry has received a call for social responsibility to be environmentally friendly. Reebok based its sustainability efforts on two pillars: (Ree) Grow, which focuses on the use of natural materials, and Cycled (Ree), which aims to use recycled and remanufactured materials. Reebok brand, which developed Forever Floatride Grow, is currently continuing research on a number of sustainable projects.

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