Top 20 Business Ideas Taking Money on Holidays

What’s the best selling holiday? What business on holiday is less profitable?  What to sell on holiday? Discover 20 business ideas for a holiday in this article!

By the end of the year, the market has been booming, demand for all aspects of consumers has increased, but the most “headache” for most office workers this year is the concern about rewarding.

The holiday is declining day by day, and the prices of holiday products are soaring. Taking advantage of consumption power during the Lunar New Year, many brothers and sisters in the office world intend to do seasonal business to earn more money to spend Tet.

20 Holiday Business Ideas

Holiday business usually takes place about 1 month earlier and focuses mainly on items with great demand. If you are also planning to become an “amateur” business in the New Year season to earn extra income during this holiday, let’s work with the smart startup ideas to research what to sell on Tet holiday, what business to do on holiday below.

1. Selling Food

The food business in the normal days was also very active, but the holiday business became more and more “burning” when the hunters and the family ordered a large number of reserves for the “play days”. end of the year. Therefore, food always ranks as one of the best-selling Tet products.

One of the most easy-to-sell foods every holiday is the food like confectionery, foreign confectionery, spring rolls, and drinks like domestic wine, foreign wine, tea, soft drinks …

2. Selling Flowers And Fruits

Flowers and fruits on holiday are always one of the essential holiday items for families to come to the flower shop. This is also the type of product that is rated the most positive in most of the best-selling Tet products.

When it comes to the flower shops, we cannot ignore lilies, a beautiful flower that represents elegance and luck. Therefore, almost every holiday, everyone buys a few cups of glass to decorate their living room. So why not sell lilies? Very high interest.

3. Trading Couplets, Pictures, Lanterns

If you don’t know what to do during the holiday, decorating is a good idea. On the occasion of the holiday, there is a great demand that almost every family needs to buy, including red envelopes and statues to decorate the house, the houses are more colorful.

4. Trading Fruits

The holiday is a time when families are busy shopping for necessary food, eye-catching decorations, including indispensable fruits. It is an essential item in every spring family and is also the best-selling Tet item and is of prime interest on this occasion.

With fruits, you can choose the beautiful, unique but not lacking in inherent essentials such as watermelon, watermelon engraved with words, bananas, oranges, grapefruit, grapefruit, and many other fruits. The fruit is not only an item to use but also for burning incense, gifts or a substitute for some indoor decorations. So if you do not know what New Year trade, can refer to this type of item.

5. Trading in Objects of Silver Profit

For business people, it is a great opportunity, easy to make a profit. With worship, you can trade Tet holiday with the following items:

Anti-smoky pieces

When burning incense, smoke or being hunted into the ceiling creates dark patches that look very unsightly. If you are keen, you will know this is an opportunity to implement a low-capital business idea for the holiday, which is selling smoke-proof pieces.

These anti-smoky pieces can be made of mica or wood, but more commonly, wood is patterned. There are three ways for you to source goods.

one is to import wholesale goods from the dealer.

 The second one is to make your own (because this anti-smoky piece is quite simple, follow the bulk model).

The third one cooperates with the factory. make. It should be noted that each customer will have different needs for textures, anti-smoky pieces, you should not mass produce too much, and can follow orders.

Scented Candles

Currently, some of the most popular candles are permanent candles, Buddha candles, lotus candles. If you do not want to import wholesale goods for sale.

You can make handmade candles according to the instructions available online, it is important that the candle is not burning when burning, less creating, pleasant aroma, eye-catching color, and beautiful pattern.

Altar Cups, Fruit Bowls

Worshiping items are usually fruits and white wine, so besides decorative items, small cups and fruit containers are also sought.

Worship bowls are often quite small, with the same design in the same set, and a large heart tray, some with bases. To trade in these products, you can find goods at the porcelain and plastic markets.

6. Selling Country Food

For a long time, the issue of food hygiene and safety has been one of the painful stories in society. And modern people today, especially those living in the city area, are moving towards clean, rural foods that both ensure food hygiene and safety and have a richer flavor.

Some rural specialties are always hot and have no signs of hypothermia are:


From the feudal period, the chicken was considered a rare and precious commodity, used as a royal or noble aristocracy. On average, a chicken costs up to one million rupees.

Grape Fruits

Although it is still more than a month before the New Year, the “genuine” grapefruit has sold out from the garden. However, just looking at the outside code will be very difficult to distinguish what is “genuine” grapefruit. Grapefruit usually has a smooth, dark yellow smooth skin, lustrous skin, and a firm grip.

Country Wine

Wine is a drink, a popular gift that many countries use. The wine market today is extremely rich, diverse and many types such as foreign wine, white wine, country wine, wine-soaked in many different flavors.

Wine also increasingly attracts more customers every spring. Country wine is not only in the quality of fine wine, in fact, but also shows the simplicity and reunion in every family. This is also one of the best-selling holiday products.

7. Trading in Clothes And Accessories

What is the most profitable holiday business? On holiday days, not only do they demand fruits, food or decoration increases, but also the essential products such as clothing or accessories are equally hot.

The need to buy new clothes for holiday almost every year, from old to young, big and small, urban to rural, everyone wants to put on the most gorgeous and beautiful clothes to go to spring.

Therefore, you can find beautiful, unique, eye-catching and trendy new designs for business, this will definitely be the best-selling Tet for business enthusiasts.

8. Foreign Money Trading, Portable Goods

Business New Year this year you can also choose to sell foreign money, portable goods to make money. Holidays come spring, an indispensable style of lucky money brings luck to a new year.

In addition to lucky money, silver-plated and lucky gold-plated coins, strange currencies such as coins, Australian dollars, 2 dollars, Indonesian and Costa Rican coins for trading and exchanging are very attractive.

Trading in imported wine, fruit, confectionery is also a very active trading market on holiday. With the mentality of imported goods better and more luxurious.

Many people order imported goods to use as gifts for friends and relatives. Promoting the trade-in portable products at the end of the year will be very bumper.

9. Trading in Matches, Salt, Lighters on Holidays

According to popular belief, buying salt for a lucky and bold year at the beginning of the year and banishing bad things, buying a lighter on the first day of spring will bring warmth, fortune, and fortune for that year.

On New Year’s Eve, many people go out to the street to catch the moment of harmony of the old year and the new year. With such a large number of people, along with the meaning of fortune at the beginning of the year, these items will surely help you earn a lot of money.

10. Business Couplets For Tet, Calligraphy

Holidays from ancient times of Indian people not only have images of cakes, apricot blossoms, but also meaningful sentences and beautiful calligraphy letters displayed in the house. It has become the cultural beauty of poetry:

11. Trading Handmade Clean Food

This is a best-selling holiday product for you. Today’s busy and busy lifestyle has caused many people to choose ready-made food items.

In addition, the issue of food hygiene and safety comes from the packaging of unknown origin or using too many additives, preservatives or using materials not exactly as stated on the package.

Labels are getting the attention of the community … so homemade items – or so-called homemade foods are becoming consumer trends in recent years:

12. Business Handmade Gifts

On the occasion of the transfer between the old year and the beginning of the new year, many young people wish to give their other half or relatives unique and meaningful gifts.

Therefore, those who are good at work and want to “fish sword” more before the Lunar New Year can seize the opportunity to trade handmade gifts.

Very rich handmade items such as souvenirs, jewelry, wallets, key chains, stuffed animals, greeting cards, blankets, pictures or small decorative objects.

13. Housekeeping, Pets Service

Because the extended holiday is usually up to 9 days, many people wish to take advantage of this time to go out with their families to make them more comfortable and closer after a year of studying and working. busy.

However, they do not feel secure when they are away for a long time, or even bother with pets in the house (such as dogs, cats, …). Meanwhile, the idea of ​​hourly and day-to-day babysitting service will be extremely popular.

14. Sell ​​Fortune Buds, Sugarcane Buds

The most popular buds during the transition to the new year. The buds are an indispensable item on holiday and people often go to temples and other places to buy fortune trees symbolizing luck for the whole year. Reindeer cane is used to burn incense next to the altar, to symbolize its firmness, sweeter.

This is one of the best selling holiday products, suitable for business at the end of the year, or the time of holiday, business on New Year’s.

15. Open Car Parking Points

This is a way to make money for the New Year for you. On New Year, people invite each other to go to the festival, go out, shopping holidays is also a parking season with the demand increasing by ten times a day is often a business opportunity for young people without spending too much capital.

With just the right location and the right size, you can earn millions from this lucrative service every day.

However, because it is a service related to personal property and during the holiday, a large number of people are prone to unintended incidents, so be careful during your business.

16. Gift Wrapping Service, Gift Basket Making

What is the best selling holiday is a question many businessmen ask, if you have not found any new ideas yet, you can try your luck with gift wrapping and gift making services on holidays.

On holiday, everyone wishes each other wishes for peace, success, happiness and not forgetting to send each other meaningful gifts.

Gifts must be meaningful, good quality and must be eye-catching, beautiful and solemn gifts. Therefore, gift packages and baskets are often chosen by many people because of their high value and polite form, promising to be the best-selling item on this holiday.

17. Car Wash Service

New Year, the need to renovate and refurbish all household items is an objective demand. Including vehicles in the house.

It is not only a means of transportation but also a companion along the way. So taking care, the car wash will be a way to make money for Tet, not to be missed for you.

18. Service of Buying Train Tickets, Air Tickets

Preparing to end the holiday period is the time when people start to calculate the story of car tickets, train tickets, air tickets to return to work and normal life.

However, it is also an extremely crowded period that wants to buy tickets, you will have to queue, and have to wait quite a long time.

Meanwhile, most people don’t want to waste their time just waiting in line. Therefore, the idea of ​​buying service for train tickets, air tickets for each holiday season, especially the Lunar New Year is always a type of bumper service with super huge profits.

19. Party Planning Service

Because many families and businesses have big events during the holidays, specializing in holiday parties offer their expertise as event planners.

20. Bar tending service

Many of these parties may also have drinks. So you can offer your services as a contract bartender for the holidays so that the people hosting the parties can enjoy a drink instead.


Holidays business is expected to be more competitive because almost everyone waits until the holiday to make a profit.

The problem for you is how to find the best-selling holiday products, and what is the idea of ​​holiday business with little profit.

All of these questions will find the answer in the article Revealing the best-selling items on the occasion of the holiday. Do not miss it because there will be many good suggestions to help you get rid of worries selling best. Good luck!

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