How To Make Money Fast As A Student

Are you a student who wants to make money online? Or are office people, working people want to make money online to increase their income? Here are 11 ways to make money online fast, practical, and easy.

1. Grabbike and UberMoto

You must be familiar with the name “Grab” or “Uber”, right? So have you ever thought you would learn how to make money by becoming a driver for Grabbike or UberMoto?

The requirement is simple: Having a motorbike, a driver’s license, being fluent in the road, and having a smartphone is ok.

How to do it: Register with Grap or Uber, install the app to your phone, open the phone, wait for the customer to book, then call the customer.

Advantages of this job: You can take advantage of your free time, do not affect learning, work; Help you earn more income; Help you more fluent road and driving skills, your communication when carrying passengers.

To become a Grapbike driver, you just need to visit the website of, register, and submit your application as instructed and interviewed. The successful interview is that you can start making money right away, very quickly.

2. Writing Content Hired

Job “content” is currently a lot of students love. Especially in the era of information technology, all companies and businesses have websites and they need people to perfect the content of professional websites, write ads, write content for Facebook pages, write SEO articles … to attract customers, opposites.

Requirement: You must be capable and love working diligently, to invest a hard time learning and practicing.

Job benefits: Taking advantage of free time while still giving you a fairly stable income; Made at home, where you like, not on the hot, rainy, windy streets …; Training helps you to be patient, improve your ability to express, think words, and activities in communication; More understanding about many different areas; Open up many job opportunities after graduation.

These are groups specializing in content, and members will exchange knowledge and experience in the industry, or you can also find a content job that suits your ability here because there is a separate one. The content recruiting box is very clear.

3. Becoming A Shipper

Buying and selling online is an encouraging trend. And so, the role of shipper-shipper is also becoming more and more important. This is considered a career that brings both high income and experience for students.

Visualize the work: You will go to the seller to pick up the goods and then delivered them to the buyer.

Job requirements: Motorbike, telephone, and fluent roads are available.

To become a shipper you should: If you want to become an employee for a certain unit, you should refer to companies such as Express delivery, Savings delivery, or Viettel, … contact them via the website.

And if you want to be a free shipper, on Facebook there are a lot of shipping groups, including “Ship to find People – Ship Seekers” is the most prestigious, the online salesmen will post an application and you will receive it.

4. Model Photo/Make-Up

Being a model is not too strange, but in recent years, it has been very popular with young people and makes a lot of money, especially girls.

The appeal of this profession is that in many ways: when it is free, it is received, and the shooting time is not fixed daily so it will not be subject to time pressure;

The time taken for taking photos or makeup is also fast, so it does not affect your exam study; Earn extra income to cover living expenses;

Many students also learn how to makeup, shape, improve communication, shyness, become more sociable because of working with photography crews, …

To become a photo / Makeup model: Suggesting for you two reputable Facebook addresses with a huge number of members to join is: If you like to makeup, you should go to the “Makeup”, if you like to model, then the group” Exchange Friends and Model – Photography Association “has a membership of 126,079.

This is a gathering place for those who love photography, photo modeling, makeup, and makeup. When entering these two groups, you will see notices that require makeup or photo templates, and easily choose a job that suits you.

After getting acquainted with people in the professional profession, you can actively contact yourself, or if agile can also become a focal point to provide photo samples, make up models for photographers, studios. !

5. Take Care of Pets

The trend of pet adoption is very hot, and so the places that provide pet care services are therefore becoming more and more important.

Conditions: You must love animals, be knowledgeable about the characteristics and habits of each species.

The job of a pet caregiver will be: Look and take them for a walk, clean the bath, give birth if you have experience working in the clinic or a veterinary student.

Benefits: Just earn extra income, just satisfy your pet’s hobby, cuddle to care for them. Because many of you have this hobby, but the housing is banned, or there are no conditions to buy and raise, you will love this job.

Want to become a pet caregiver, you can go online to find from animal love groups, like to take care of pets on Facebook, or go directly to the pet shop cum pet care service, you go to Recruitment.

For example, on Facebook, there is the most popular group, the number of members participating is more than 1,056,182 people, created and joined by people who love and care for animals as “Cats and Dogs Love Association”. Become a member to satisfy the purpose of making money and passion for caring for your pet!

6. Selling Online

Selling online is a money-making part-time job at home.

Requirements: Like to trade and know how to take advantage of the effectiveness of the sales website, apply a multi-channel sales strategy on platforms: social networks (Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, ..),

E-commerce trading floor (Lazada, Sendo, Adayroi …). Just when the customer needs product information or purchases you respond immediately is ok.

Advantages: Does not require much capital, does not need ground; Take advantage of free time; Stable income, next time patrons will be higher.

The most important step is a market survey, who to sell to? Once you have found a market, you will identify the product and go sourcing.

Make money from popular online sales with all kinds of items: fashion clothes, skirts, cosmetics, jewelry, junk food, regional specialties, handmade goods, … And you can find sources of goods markets, workshops, foreign orders.

Online business has another important issue that is shipping. You should take advantage of the time to ship goods will be more active, faster, and more economical.

And if you have chosen sales channels such as Lazada or Shopee, … then this problem you do not need to worry about, they will take over the task of shipping goods on your behalf.

7. Publish Digital Content And Advertise Online

Under the open development of the internet, today, an individual can easily create a website or ask a website design service provider for a very affordable price. After owning a site like that, you can build rich-content for it to attract a large number of visitors. Depending on the initial orientation, you will build content that is appropriate for the audience that you want to target.

With a great network of users on your website system, you can provide online advertising packages (including placing banner ads and posting ads) for individuals, units, and businesses.

Demand for online advertising through the system of quality websites. It will be like publishing newspapers and magazines, the only difference is that you do it online and target internet users on both computers and mobile phones.

8. Digital Advertising Brokerage

If you are not able to own a network of quality websites as mentioned above, you can become a broker, invite other websites to join your digital advertising network. and find individuals, units, businesses wishing to use this advertising service.

However, keep in mind that without owning those sites, you will not be able to earn enough revenue from advertising but even only receive a certain commission or percentage.

9. Video And Animation Production

Video and animation are some of the great forms of marketing in this day and age. Their rise makes businesses eager to have a great video or animation to promote their products and brands on YouTube,

Facebook, and many other channels. Unlike plain textual content, good videos contain a concise message that is more likely to win over viewers and also has a great potential to become a “virus” with the rapid spread.

So, if you have the skills and experience to produce videos and cartoons, you can help companies create the best movies for their businesses and make “huge” earnings.

10. Graphic and Infographic Design

The growing trend of graphic design and infographic activities in the field of marketing is something that anyone can easily see. The most obvious evidence is the popularity of social networking sites focusing on image development such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

In the meantime, an infographic is also a popular content that marketers like to use to promote the growth of businesses. So if you are a graphic artist, or simply knowledgeable and talented in this field, it will be a great opportunity to make money online from businesses and businesses in need. marketing and advertising.

11. Photographer and Image Consultant

Are you a photographer? Do you love taking photos? If so, you absolutely can use your talents and skills to grow stronger in the online world.

Because a good image (product photo, work environment photo, etc.) is an essential element in the online marketing industry.

It’s like everyone wants a great personal photo to update their avatar or cover on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

This age has been different a lot, all means of the use of people are no longer rudimentary and traditional things. Know how to take advantage of new technology, take advantage of the internet, and fully exploit the value of our interests there.

Having the right strategy and the right investment, the idea of ​​making money online based on online video sharing is completely positive and promising for you to develop.

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