8 Product Based Business Ideas

Product Oriented Business Ideas

Looking for product based business ideas? Then you came to the right place.

Here in this article we will share with some amazing product based business ideas that help you start your own business.

Product Based Business Ideas

Here are amazing product based business ideas:

Smartwatch Working with Body Temperature

Matrix is ​​a company established in the state of California in the United States and known for its body temperature working watches Powerwatch and Powerwatch X on the Indiegogo site. At the User Electronics Fair held in 2019, the company went one step further and introduced the Powerwatch 2 smart watches, as well as some aesthetic improvements, and started to use solar charging features in its products.

Powerwatch 2, with a price tag of $ 500, can currently be purchased on Indiegogo site with pre-order. However, for those who use the order form called “early bird”, this price drops to $ 200 for a short time. The most important issue that bothered us about the first version of the Powerwatch was that it did not have enough features. The Matrix company, which overcame this problem, succeeded in impressing us by eliminating the need to take the watch out of your wrist to charge it.

Advanced Lightsaber

Since the Star Wars movies have entered our lives, the dream of having a lightsaber has been permanent for almost everyone. But unfortunately, unlike many weapons that show their faces in the science fiction world, lightsabers still haven’t arrived in real life. Although almost every weapon that belongs to this world and we can think of, like lasers, we do not yet have the technology to create a real and functional lightsaber. We are sure that one day we will reach that point. But for now we have to get along with Waan, the best option we have.

The creators of Waan stated that the product was developed by a passionate group of researchers and designers in France, and every detail was handled with precision and meticulousness. Its handle, durability, blade that can be changed easily and quickly, and the fact that no tools are required for replacement are proof of this design. But Woman’s greatest innovation is his excellent skill in voice and responsiveness. Moreover, this skill can be seen both on the speakers on it and on the devices connected via bluetooth. Instead of playing pre-recorded sounds, Waan provides fluid, real-time audio responses thanks to its complex algorithm and digital signal processing. All these details really drag Waan apart from its counterparts and make it an extraordinary lightsaber.

Drop Detect Smartphone Case

While most covers provide the necessary protection when you drop your phone, some drops don’t make much profit, and you get a costly repair. Rolling up his sleeves to solve this problem, an engineering student from Aalen University in Germany produced a protective phone case that is fully functional and opens to protect the phone just before it crashes.

The German Mechatronics Society decided to reward student Philip Frenzel for his design. Frenzel’s device is a sheath fitted in a slim case and with four spikes in the corners. As soon as the sensors on the cover detect that the phone has fallen, the ends in the corners are activated and opened, preventing the phone from hitting the ground. One of the most important features of the cover is that the ends can be pushed back into place after opening and ready for use again.

Five In One Charging Cable

Until wireless charging technology becomes available everywhere, carrying your charging cable with you will unfortunately continue to be a necessity of the digital world. You probably have these compulsory cables like most people at home, at work and in your bag. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was enough to save you from all this mess and the trouble of carrying cables and carrying just one piece with you at all times? The High Five cable was designed for exactly this purpose. The High Five 5 in 1 charging cable, designed to be attached to your key ring, will be with you anytime, anywhere.

One end of the High Five, which is very simple in design, is USB suitable for standard inputs (micro USB and USB-C), while the other end of its short cable features hybrid USB / lightning connection and USB-C connection. In other words, the High Five can charge almost any kind of electronic device. One of the best things about it is that the High Five’s velcro structure is compact and can come to a size that you can attach to your key ring.

Tiny UV Sterilizer

For years, two methods have been used to kill microbes: destroying by burning and poisoning microbes by using chemicals on surfaces such as countertops. Both methods are very effective, but there is an important handicap to poison microbes by using chemicals: Most of the time, the chemicals we use are just as harmful as the microbes we are trying to get rid of.

UVGLO was designed to eliminate this problem. UVGLO is, in short, a tiny, easily portable ultraviolet sterilizer that doesn’t need batteries. UVGLO, which you run by plugging your phone into your phone instead of using a battery, instantly turns your phone into an effective wand that sends short-wavelength UV-C rays to every surface it passes over. This device, which sends UV rays to every surface you pass over by shaking, prevents the microbes and bacteria on that surface from reproducing and reproducing by disrupting their DNA. If you have doubts about this, let us reassure you. This method is not the first time used for sterilization. Ultraviolet rays have long been used as a disinfectant in hospitals, laboratories, swimming pools and water treatment facilities. Because the ultraviolet rays sterilization method is very safe and does not contain any health risks that may be caused by chemicals. Now, thanks to UVGLO, you will be able to use this wide-ranging sterilization method wherever and whenever you want by carrying it in your pocket.

Bottle Cap Sterilizing Water

Thermos water bottles are very useful, but also difficult to clean. You cannot wash these bottles in the dishwasher either. Because excessive heat may cause the metal to expand, disrupting the vacuumed area around it, and the bottle that insulates your drink may lose this feature. On the other hand, if you unfortunately do not clean these bottles, they will become a suitable environment for the growth of algae, bacteria and other harmful organisms. Which you probably shouldn’t drink. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to keep your water bottle clean without having to wash it by hand?

Crazy Cap is a specially designed cap that can be attached to any kind of thermos bottle similar to cola bottles. This cap sends low-wavelength UV-C rays into the bottle to kill bacteria. Creators “Crazy Cap automatically cleans your bottle and purifies the water you carry with you” on the Kickstarter project page. he advertises clearly. Powered by UVC LED beam technology developed by LG, the cap emits light at a wavelength of 278 nanometers, cleansing bacteria, mold and viruses from both water and the bottle. According to the claims of its creators, Crazycap can destroy 99.9999 percent of bacteria and molds and 99.99 percent of viruses.

Data Eraser Device

Wiping a hard drive is not as easy as said. Removing files simply by saying “delete” does not actually mean deleting data, it only means that the specified section is made available for reprinting. Until you burn new data to that part of the disk, traces of files you deleted remain and can be recovered. This is a problem when you want to sell your computer if you have files with sensitive content.

This device, called RedKey, was produced as a solution to the aforementioned problem. This device, which is in the form of a small USB memory, allows you to clean your computer that you have emptied by deleting or resetting, in a much safer way. RedKey uses a method called “zero filling” to accomplish its task. This method means overwriting all 1’s and 0’s written on your hard disk as “0”. As a result, it becomes much more difficult to recover your deleted data. There is also a new, more secure method called “cryptographic wipe” that you can use to make sure that no one can access your data again.

Music By Color With Wearable Instruments

Thanks to the wearable instrument in the form of a ring, you can use colors to make music in a unique way.

Today, with technology, music is what can be accessed and evaluated anytime anywhere. Headphones and portable speakers have evolved into audible sunglasses and personal car sound systems, leaving no place without music. What about the developments in the process of creating music? This wearable musical instrument, which is the subject of our article, will allow its users to make music with their fingers.

Sphero, the company that produces the iconic rolling robot of the Star Wars series, now rolled up its arms for music with a motion-sensitive, Bluetooth-enabled ring. Dubbed Spectrums is part of a new initiative that came up with the acronym STEAM. STEAM, known as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), was created by adding the letter “A” for art (Art). This new step basically opens the door for technology to provide a more artistic environment. The Spectrums is a Bluetooth-connected, MIDI-compatible, finger-worn instrument designed to create music.

These rings work by the wearer hitting different colors around them. The ring, which detects the color via Flash, sends the data to the phone application specially developed for it. The application, which then converts the data to sound, enables real-time music production. The combination of sound and visuality offers a whole new kind of creativity. The system can also work with multiple rings simultaneously to give the user greater creativity. Specdrums rings have been developed over the past year to be compatible with existing applications such as Garageband. These efforts will allow the rings to have great potential in the future. Specdrums rings, which were put on the market last month, took their place on the shelves with a price tag of 65 dollars.

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