15 Profitable Home Business Ideas

Perhaps in life, everyone wants to practice their business to discover themselves, to truly experience the wonderful things that only business offers.

But it is not just about wanting to be, there are many other complicated factors, important to be large capital to rent premises.

Invest in production/import, hire labor, invest marketing costs, and money. cover surcharges such as monthly taxes, electricity, water … but if you do not make it, you will lose a large amount of money for your family.

So what should those who have little capital want to do business, limit risks and want more income?

To save a huge amount of expenses that may be at a loss like this and ensure the safety of the capital and profit, the small business at home will be a very good direction in 2020 when the internet age and social networks are booming today.

Want to do small business with a big profit, first, you have to find a good business idea, choose the right business item.

Because small businesses at home are mostly less capital because a lot of capital investment in the product is also difficult to profit as expected because of limited business premises.

Should choose small or medium-sized products, consistent with the purchasing power of workers, to ease the sale of capital and profit, but also low risk.

Small Business At Home

Creating an idea for a business product requires you to think carefully, prioritize the items you like and be knowledgeable about it, to be able to advise customers, as well as create passion, excitement in the industry. job.

Here are 15 home business ideas for you.

1. Grocery Store

Opening a grocery store is probably one of the simplest home-based business ideas for households with a home in the alley, but it’s a little more convenient on the alley.

This is a way of doing business at home with little capital, which is quite effective and certainly will be profitable. It only takes effort to sell goods, because groceries serve the daily necessities of people.

Initially can open a few goods, then familiarize customers, gradually according to demand will expand more items accordingly.

This small home-based business model is relatively easy to implement, but each item is not very profitable, so having to sell many different types of products, the revenue will be more stable.

This small home-based business model is also simple because it is both playing and selling, so there is no problem, doing a lot of housework.

But also to see, if in the neighborhood, the neighborhood has already many grocery stores, then it should be a different character.

2. Small Restaurant

This is one of the great small business ideas for you who are skilled in cooking and passionate about business and sales.

The dishes, if made delicious, hygienic will be very attractive to customers, even those who are far away, or working nearby, or passing by will be ready to visit your restaurant.

This small business model at home is not difficult, it is important that the skills and willingness to go to the market early.

In the morning you can open breakfast goods such as rice cakes, fish noodles, rolls, noodles or sticky rice, for example … in the afternoon if you can sell more refreshments such as tea, soy milk, beer.

However, your house must be on the alley or large lane that is connected from the small alley the better, but in a crowded residential area is too great already.

3. Small Store of Rice, Eggs or Specialty Local

This is a form of small retail business it is also quite popular. At the grocery store, they can also sell rice or eggs and some rural specialties.

But the level of specialized products is almost nonexistent, rice and eggs are almost bought from merchants. picked up.

To operate a home-based business effectively with this model, you must find a source of quality products from your home country.

Rice is always picked up and guaranteed quality. You can easily set up a rural rice agent, can sell on the internet and social networks and ship to customers when requested. Your income will certainly be very good.

4. Selling Dried Seafood

This is one of the effective home business ideas, well worth noting because of its advantages. Dried seafood is a favorite food for everyone, especially for pubs, they will probably be your regular partner in large quantities.

When trading dry seafood at home, you also do not have to spend much repair or store or find a place to store goods.

Depending on the level of consumable goods that you take in the refrigerator or freezer, preserved for long. You can sell online, ship customers to get more income from shipping.

5. Selling Clothes Online

The clothing business is a small home-based business model that is very popular on social networks. The effective way to do business at home when selling clothes online is to import unique, beautiful clothes, as described and photos, and then advertise on social networks.

Hard work, honesty, perseverance … then you will have a private customer base because the demand for social beauty is now huge.

This home-based business idea is also very diverse. You can trade adult clothes, baby clothes, or men’s and women’s underwear.

Your product will run very well if it meets the following criteria: Unique – Beautiful – Cheap.

6. Selling Footwear Online

Besides clothing, the online footwear business is also one of the effective home business ideas you should refer to. You can open a small store in front of the house, as a place to display some typical shoes – unique – strange – shoes.

The footwear market today is highly developed with a variety of designs that are sometimes beautiful or not at all.

Winter selling shoes, summer selling shoes, selling lazy shoes or accessories such as shoe lining, shoes, are also an effective way to do business at home to increase income.

Advertising online footwear stores via social networks are extremely necessary, suitable for people to buy.

7. Selling Cosmetics Online

For small home-based business models, perhaps cosmetics is the most popular business item because of its compactness, easy storage, shipping as well as profitability in each product. small.

Today, the beauty needs of women are increasing, cosmetics are indispensable items to radiate beauty. Cosmetic products are extremely diverse, from lipstick, eyeshadow, blush to concealer, cushion, sunscreen.

It can be said that selling cosmetics online is a form of small profit. “Emitting silver” that you should not ignore.

With this home-based business idea, you can make use of your home space as a container for cosmetics. If you want to do business effectively and profitably, you must know how to use social networks.

Advertise via Facebook, zalo, or tag your name in each product for sale will be an extremely effective way to advertise.

8. Tutoring

If you want to do your own business at home but do not know what to do at home with less capital, then Tutoring is a good choice for you, but on the condition that you must have certain knowledge.

This is one of the jobs with flexible time and suitable for those who have patience, desire to help students consolidate more knowledge.

You can organize classes at home at the appropriate time or take tutoring at the student’s house. Depending on your ability, you can take extra classes from elementary to high school, according to different study programs.

Not only does it help you earn more income, but this low-capital home-based business also helps you master the knowledge, understand the psychology of children and is very effective when you want to teach knowledge to your children later.

In addition to the face-to-face teaching method, you can turn home-based classes into online classes through supporting software or uploading videos to YouTube.

This method helps you reach more students in other localities while still arranging a reasonable time. Consider the idea of ​​additional business at home if you still do not know what should be done at home with less capital!

9. Selling Mobile Phone Accessories

Selling mobile phone accessories is a very attractive form of home-based business that you should consider.

Nowadays, as society grows, smartphones have become extremely popular in everyday life, and phone accessories are extremely easy to sell.

With the compact form of accessories such as headsets, cases, stickers attached with sim, card, mini music speakers will be a good choice if you want to run a small business at home.

With this small home-based business, you can easily sell on social networks and ship to customers to increase income. Moreover, phone cards are easily sold to acquaintances and receive money later with just one message.

10. Baby Sitting Service

If you love children, especially those who are responsible can handle unexpected situations, child care is a small form of home-based business that you can start.

In today’s society, caring for children is a big problem for busy parents. Many parents want to find someone who can take care of their children while they are working.

It may seem simple, but it is not easy to do small business at home. You must ensure safety for babies, feed them, sleep, worry when they are sick, …

Although a bit strenuous, this is a business model with less capital. You only need a few million of capital and a week of preparation to start a babysitting business.

11. Selling Handbags, Leather Wallets

Bags, purses, or school bags are indispensable accessories of each person, in every family. The beautiful handbags are also sparkling accessories to add the elegance of the sisters.

And bags, wallets, school bags also have a great demand. Therefore, this is one of the promising home business ideas that you should try if you do not know what business at home is less capital.

Like any home-based business model, social media is always the best channel to promote.

No need to spend space for sale, no need to worry about preserving much, profit is also quite good, you can sit at home with just a smartphone that can advertise bag products, wallets to customers.

12. Selling Hats, Eyeglasses, Watches

If you do not know what to do at home with less capital, try opening accessories stores such as hats, eyeglasses, watches.

As well as handbags, leather wallets, … hats, eyeglasses, watches are also indispensable accessories for both men and women.

The same fact is the accessory, but they are different. Bags, leather wallets, school bags … can be easily stored and not damaged.

Also hats, eyeglasses, watches, … are fragile accessories, scratches and requires careful care, to avoid the reach of children.

The effective way to do home business with this model is through social networking. Today, the number of Facebook or Instagram users is increasing rapidly.

Therefore, advertising on these channels is quite effective, helping you reach a lot of customers.

When posting pictures of products on social networks, remember to tag your friends and acquaintances, asking them to share on personal Facebook will be very effective.

13. Repair Shops

This is an effective form of home-based business if you have sewing skills but do not know what to do at home with little capital.

With a sewing machine, you can do small business at home by repairing faulty clothes such as wide, tight, with holes or even cut the pants, attach buttons.

Simple but possible tasks Giving you a stable income that you do not need to go anywhere can do it whenever you are free and the capital you spend is really small.

In addition to fixing old clothes, you can take advantage of the excess fabric to sew the gloves, socks, hats or small clothes for babies.

Maybe when moms come to fix their clothes and look nice and cute they will be ready to buy the lovely products you make. Consider this low-capital home-based business idea!

14. Sales Collaborators

If you do not have the capital, if you do not have premises to open a shop, the idea of ​​running a home-based business with an online partner is a very interesting option.

You will work with the business owner and get the job, then sell the product at a discounted agreement. Even more, sold at the price of the product, you will always get that profit.

This small business is very simple, you just need to find customers by advertising sales in group meetings on the internet and eat discounted spreads, all forms of goods delivery, money collection shop owners will take care of.

15. Selling Handmade Goods

Handmade items are always considered to be home-business goods with little capital of high profits.

If you are a skilled person, can create unique products, do not touch the product, try the small business form at the home selling handmade goods, both helping you do the work you like and have more income.

On the idea of ​​making handmade products, you can find information online or blogs, forums that are popular or the products you feel like and you can do it well.

About the advertising channel, the fastest and most effective way is to advertise right on personal Facebook. After completing the product, take a photo and post it on your profile, poll from your friends.

Also, you should create a fan page to post photos and information about your handmade products. However, product photographs should be processed so that it becomes attractive to the viewer.


Above, are 15 small business ideas at home you can refer to. I hope you will apply successfully, have significant profits for yourself as well as interested in your business products.

Which big interest small business ideas do you like best? You have the same idea of ​​needing small business cooperation can comment in the Facebook comment section right below to find a partner!

I wish you will have the wonderful experience that business brings.

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