Self-Design Fashion Business Ideas

Self-Design Fashion Business Ideas

The clothing business is very attractive, but many people do not know how to start their own custom clothing business that most people only sell clothing and sell other people’s brands. You can completely create your own fashion brand, then expand your distribution to agencies that you can and are passionate about.

I have a friend who used to import export clothes and in the process, she gradually transferred to selling designer clothes. And now you have been very successful with the famous chain of stores.

Self-Designed Clothing Business Ideas

Are you planning to open a custom clothing store but you’re worried about where to start? You do not know how to create your own brand and impressive fashion style?

However, you can completely dispel the worries if you know the 18 ideas of self-designed fashion clothing business shared below. These ideas have helped many young people navigate and succeed in fulfilling their dream of designing their own fashion businesses.

1. Trading in Designer Baby Clothes

You can start your own self-designed clothing business. Nowadays, parents, especially celebrities, always want to build a fashionable fashion for their children.

They are always willing to invest in buying beautiful, exclusive and good quality outfits for their children. You can fully take this opportunity to develop customized clothing models that are custom made by customers.

2. Clothes For Middle-Aged People

Not only young people want to be beautiful, but the elderly also want to be beautiful anytime and anywhere. People often focus on designing for children and young people but forget about this potential market. You absolutely can succeed if targeting the target market is middle-aged and elderly.

3. Printing and Embroidery Services

Garment companies or fashion designers always need to enhance the beauty of designs with decorative embroidery, applique, … If you decide to pursue the self-designed fashion business. You can develop the direction of opening printing and embroidery services to meet the market demand.

4. Manufacturing And Designing Uniform

You can produce uniforms for companies, social organizations, sports teams or school uniforms, students, … Uniforms are always changed regularly so if you know how to seize the opportunity and find it.

The output is then you can get a large number of customers each year. The most important thing is that the product has a good design, guaranteed fabric, a nice logo and an affordable price.

5. Rent Clothes

Leasing clothes is a new and less popular form of business in India. However, the main form is widely applied abroad and the business performance is very good. For celebrities, the outfits they wear only once and rarely use a second time.

You can take advantage of this opportunity to start your second hand clothing store business. Self-designed luxury costumes will be hired by celebrities to attend press conferences and events.

6. Vintage Clothes Business

Besides the fashion design business with a modern twist, opening a shop selling vintage tailor-made clothes is also a popular business idea.

You will surely earn money from the Vintage clothing business because these costumes will be provided to film producers or fashion devotees who have a special love for classic style clothes. .

7. Selling Used Clothes

Today, customers who buy clothes are mainly concerned with beautiful, unique, durable and cheap elements. People no longer care too much about old or new things.

Some customers believe that they prefer to buy older clothes because at the same price, used clothes are often more genuine and durable than new clothes.

If you know how to select good quality second-hand clothes and know how to design and innovate old clothes to best fit, then your store will be selling and selling expensive clothes.

8. Service of Repairing Old Clothes

To make the business of clothing design more professional, you should add preferential services for loyal customers or free clothing repair service. For the clothes that customers prefer, the repair and restoration of clothes is essential.

9. Fashion Stylist

Becoming a fashion designer for celebrities in photo shoots and events is also an idea to consider.

10. Design and Print T-Shirts

T-shirts with special designs, novel print motifs are always a highlight and are well received by the young market. You can take advantage of this idea to create creative and attractive designs and resell samples to manufacturing companies, or manually process, turn your designs into real-life products.

11. Product Sourcing For The Company

The idea of ​​finding clothing lines, materials to make garments for companies is also a good idea to help you start realizing your dreams.

12. Trading in Self-Designed Lingerie

Underwear is an extremely important outfit and indispensable for any woman. Luxurious, seductive underwear designs that bring comfort to the user is an extremely new and attractive business idea.

13. Business Combination Fabric Supply

Any fashion designer needs fabric to create impressive outfits. You can combine your own designer clothing business with the supply of fabrics for tailors. This, both to make you profitable and ensure the source of fabric for your design needs is always abundant.

14. Open Fashion Design Class

Opening a fashion design school to train and find the talent of young designers is an extremely bold business idea. Although, at first you will lose a lot of money to invest, but certainly your design school will bring big revenue. Fashion school fees are usually very high, so make sure you will soon recover your investment and make a big profit when the school operates.

15. Distribution Agent For Fabric Design

In addition to providing fabric to designers, you can become a fabric distributor of fabric manufacturers, as an intermediary between retail stores and fabric manufacturers.

16. Design New Items From Second Hand

Old clothes are usually cleaned after every season. This is the right time for you to make money from the work of buying used clothes. Does this make money sound ridiculous?

However, you can earn a lot of money if you know how to handle, design into other items such as rugs, carpets or carpets, such as used clothes.

17. Personal Shopping Advice

People with lots of money may not know how to dress well. So they will need to find people who are knowledgeable in the field of fashion, with exquisite aesthetic and advice on choosing clothes for them.

If you capture the tastes and preferences of your customers, know the latest seasons, trends, know where to get the best deals? You absolutely have the opportunity in the fashion industry to become a personal shopping consultant making a simple million.

18. Open A Clothing Shop

If you love fashion shopping and are interested in beautifully designed clothes, why not open a fashion shop right for your business? But do not rush to do so. Take a look around the market and find a niche market with the most potential and follow it.

The above are 18 extremely potential self-designed clothing business ideas and bring high business efficiency. If you know the ideas above and define a clear goal, you can start your fashion business easily. So the question is how to effectively explore the clothing market, and which niche market is right for you?

Selling Effective Designer Clothes

If you want to go on the path of designing your own fashion business by setting up your own brand instead of just being a retailer of other brands, then there are a lot of things you need to consider.

Be careful before starting. Here are some experiences of selling designer clothes that Blog wants to share with you in the hope of helping you to have more accumulations while walking on this path.

1. Market research

Market research is the first important thing when starting your own designer clothing business. The fashion industry often changes very quickly in terms of designs, models, trends in and out just like the sun rises and sets.

And in order to succeed in this self-designed clothing business, you absolutely must understand your customers and their hobbies and habits.

You must be able to see trends in order to promptly hit the market and most importantly you need to create your own tactical flexibility.

You will also need to conduct some self-designed fashion business market research to know who your competitors are, understand what your potential customers are, your interests and expectations. how their.

Because the seasonal fashion industry will always change. You don’t want to create a summer template when it’s already fall? So you need to stay ahead of fashion and keep up with the trend to know what your customers want and what other designers are doing.

2. Select Appropriate Designer Clothing Line

After understanding the fashion business of designing your own, the next thing you need to determine is the type of clothing you want to start doing. Trading in clothing is generally very broad including women’s clothing, men’s wear, children’s wear, sportswear, pregnant clothes, etc.

Or you can narrow down for example in women’s clothing, you Can specialize in dresses or jeans, … Before starting to design, you need to have the idea in mind about the type of clothes you will conduct design and business.

3. Amount Required For Dealing In Designer Clothing

Financial problems have always been a headache for a startup, so does the business of clothing design. How much will it cost you to start a designer clothing store with your own brand?

There are many things that need capital, such as the cost of renting space, hiring employees, the cost of purchasing equipment, fabrics, the cost of advertising the store, …

In addition to the fixed costs, you should definitely pay prepare a backup capital for yourself, prevent possible risks. If you do not have enough money to do it, you need to make sure you have a plan to get it, such as finding, attracting investors, collecting capital, …

4. Ideas For Your Own Brand Name

The brand name is not just the name of your own designer clothing store, but it also carries your own imprint, personal style so that every time you call your name, customers will immediately remember the store. and your designs.

Make sure your brand name is creative, unique and appealing. Today, many clothing shops often prefer to name their stores after foreign names such as Daisy, Fume, May Boutique, Red Shop, … or unique names with only a single word, …

You also need to create a logo, make sure it will reflect the essence of the brand. Finally, you should consider registering copyright to avoid other competitors “stealing” brands and ideas.

5. Design Your Clothes

The most interesting part of designing your own fashion business is designing your own branded clothing. Sketch the clothes and select them into your collection.

Make sure the clothes are fashionable and the right time for the season to release. If you do not have the design skills, look for your own professional design.

Next, you should test the potential of those designs by asking your friends and family. For criticism that is really constructive, you should consider the reality, do not be too pretentious or too confident in the opinion because you design for the public.

6. Find Production and Production Places

The next thing you need to do in the business of designing your own clothes is to decide how you will produce your clothes. You can hire a non-sewing enterprise or you will open a factory directly to hire tailors. You need to find a factory, which has all the conditions you need to make designer clothes.

Provide all the necessary details to ensure that you will get the desired results, you can choose to order fabric, materials and deliver it to the factory responsible for production or always order from A to Z. If you order cloth, you can refer to some famous domestic cloth markets.

7. Store Design


This is a very important factor when you want to open a shop selling designer clothing because the store will be the first place to attract customers. You should choose the store space in crowded places such as shopping centers, or shopping streets with many shops close together.

Choosing a nice premises is also a very good form of marketing for your own designer clothing store, because people tend to shop in crowded places and are often attracted to the beautiful things. fine.

Store design:

A beautiful store will even enhance the beautiful clothes, so it is very important to design your own fashion business that is beautiful and impressive.

Color is the first factor you should pay attention to when designing a store, because it not only creates aesthetics for the store space but also greatly affects the spirit and psychology of customers.

The current shop often select the main light colors such as white, pink, yellow, pastel green, .. bring a pleasant and airy feeling to the store.

In addition, you can also differentiate your store by combining different colors. For example, if you specialize in designing unisex styles, you can choose red and black for your store to attract and differentiate.

In addition to colors, lighting is also considered one of the great elements that can help make the costumes in your store become more sparkling and gorgeous.

Therefore, you need to pay special attention when selecting light sources so that it is suitable to design the store. Should harmoniously combine both natural and artificial lighting to bring comfort and ventilation to your shop.

8. Talk To The Retailer

When designing your own designer clothing, in addition to determining who your customers are, you should also see who will be the people you will sell your products to. If you plan to start supplying retail stores, you will have to pay attention to this. You need to devise a careful strategy to “break into” the market.

Retailers will help your designs reach consumers more quickly, so you should look for potential retailers to talk to, suggest to them to showcase and sell your products in the door. their goods.

9. Establishing Affiliate Programs And Networking

According to people with experience in selling designer clothes for many years, the affiliate program will help you increase sales quickly. A simple blog post from a fashion blogger can sell your design in a matter of hours.

You create an  affiliate program  so that people can earn a little discount from marketing your merchandise, you will be surprised at how effective it is.

In addition, you should consider attending industry events, fashion shows, and meetings with people like you in the field. Those with more experience selling designer clothing than you might will give you some tips and tricks to help you survive and thrive in this industry.

10. Sign Up For A Sales Website

You cannot do without internet in any field in this era. This means you’ll need an online presence by creating a brand website for your self-designed fashion business.

A good way to start a clothing brand is to create a  fashion web design  and sell clothes online. In addition, you can combine selling on e-commerce platforms, classifieds, social networks, forums …

It is best to choose a website platform that gives you many opportunities to integrate with sales channels. diversified to 1 job, posting products on channels easily and quickly, sales management is not struggling backwards.

Instagram  is a great suggestion for you, a professional sales website design solution with more than 400 interfaces to help you own a beautiful, professional website for your business.

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