Small Home Business Ideas 2020 That Are Very Effective!

Do you want to open a small home store in 2020? But you do not know what to trade effectively at home? How to get rich at home with the home business?

We will share with you the best business home retail ideas that can be applied in 2020.

What is a small business at home? More and more, you want to open a small business so that you don’t have to work as a hired employee. This is a form of business without having too much capital, you absolutely can take advantage of the existing facade to do business at home.

Small Home Business Ideas

However, if you have a small business at home without serious research, and seriously invest from the idea to the source and the management of a small shop, then you are likely to fall into failure like many others.

Sometimes, after a period of opening a small shop at home, you feel regret because you spent the effort of investing in the store but still lost capital, the revenue brought is not much, not equal to going for renting a place makes more money.

The idea of ​​small business at home in 2020

1. Open Breakfast Shop

Selling breakfast is a very good home business idea that can be applied in 2020. Many people believe that the food business is a traditional and outdated form. At the same time, opening a breakfast business at home, there are people who succeed, and there are many who fail.

Unsuccessful because investors do not understand anything about the taste, people’s eating habits, recipes are not good, expensive prices. Especially they do not want to learn business rivals, just do it in a bluff.

With this way of getting rich at home, you have to learn about the “taste” of your area of ​​trade as well as learn new recipes, not many shops do.

If the location you plan to open is a breakfast shop near the school or the foot of a high-rise building, you should take the time to learn and decide to open a breakfast restaurant right away. Such areas are easy to succeed because of the high demand for breakfast near home or near the company or agency.

Selling breakfast food, the most important thing is to create a unique flavor of their own and not like anyone else. At the same time, you must keep that secret, only that way will attract and retain customers coming to this small home-based business model.

2. Opening A Dry Cleaner’s

Life becomes busier and busier, many people spend time at work, the company is much bigger than the time at home. The demand for laundry outside is so high, so opening dry cleaners is a good way to get rich at home.

If you want a small home-based business, you can refer to this idea of ​smartstartupideas. However, dry cleaning shops in rural areas are not appreciated, you can research this market segment to invest.

Open a dry clean shop is not too expensive, only from 50 – 100 million is your store can operate normally. This is really one of the easy home-to-do businesses that you should consider.

3. Selling Second-Hand Clothes

Currently, old clothes, also known as second-hand clothes, sida clothes are very popular. Not only because the second-hand clothes are quite cheap, but also because the style is quite strange and unique, each second-hand clothing model has only one or two pieces, so the wearer does not worry about the goods. Because of these reasons, selling used clothes can be said to be a “hot” retail business at home that you should consider.

With second-hand products, online trading at home is quite effective. You can post product code images on Facebook or Instagram so customers can view and buy the product. Your job is just sitting at home with a smartphone to be able to run small businesses at home effectively with second-hand goods.

In terms of sourcing, you will have to hunt for supplies on classifieds sites or low-cost shopping forums, or you can call directly to the people you expect to be former sellers. You can also negotiate with manufacturers for wholesale discounts for you to import goods for business, as long as you sell the item away you must be profitable. Consider this small home business idea if you still don’t know what to do at home!

4. Opening A Tailor Shop

Do you have a flower, do you have some knowledge of sewing and can use sewing machines? Opening a tailor shop and fixing clothes is a way to get rich at home for you.

In addition to the trend of buying items available online or from stores, women today still often tailor-made designs to fit the frame and their measurements.

However, many times, designer clothes still have other errors, and they often go to small repair shops for processing. One day just need to fix 5-6 items, you also have income from 300,000 or more a day.

Opening a tailor shop to repair small businesses at home does not cost any investment in goods. You only need a manual sewing machine to be completely confident to open a small clothing repair shop at home.

5. Opening A Hair Salon

The demand for beauty and hair care is now popular not only in the city center but also in rural areas. Spending money to serve personal beauty needs is no longer a luxury. The opening of a hair salon is one of the “hot” home-based businesses that are carried out by many people.

The workmanship is considered as a premise of the development of its own salon. Learning and mastering a skill, plus an eye for aesthetics and creativity also makes your own brand.

6. Open Printing Wedding Cards

Wedding cards or invitations are getting more and more attention. Many families or organizations are willing to pay a lot for designing and printing their important events. In addition, the demand for this printing item is increasing and is consumed every time of the year.

Therefore, if you do not know how to get rich at home, you can try to open this service, the profit is high, but the capital is quite small. You can create a brand of card printing, beautiful invitations with many designs, and diverse types of events.

With the service of printing wedding cards and invitations, you can trade online at home. You should set up a fan page or a website to display card templates that you can design to help customers easily access.

From there, you should also build your own brand for your store, if a good brand you will not have to find many customers but they will find you.

7. Selling Clean And Specialty Food

Society today, people are more concerned about food safety, clean food is becoming a commodity in very high demand. Therefore, selling clean and specialty foods is one of the most effective home-based businesses.

If you have the opportunity to grow in your home garden or import from your local countryside, clean vegetables, or some rare herbs, specialties of the region, you can combine to sell more. income.

Of course, you can sell clean food at your home (if the location is nice) in combination with online home shopping. The way your product is displayed and arranged will have a great impact on your sales.

Also, announce outstanding prices and identify the factors that make your product special to recommend to customers.

8. Trade Handmade Business

If you have a knack for creating beautiful items, don’t waste your money but take advantage of it to earn extra income. Selling handmade goods is probably a quite suitable job if you do not know what to trade at home.

From small handmade items such as fashion accessories, decorations for apparel designs, costumes, you can make it yourself to make money. This is a way to get rich at home with less capital but requires a bit of skill.

First, you need to know what others are selling before deciding what you will offer. Then find out different and special ways, and you also need to know how to catch the hot trend in the handmade business.

These are not easy home-based businesses, to be truly successful in this you need to treat it as a full-time job. An effective way of selling handmade goods is to trade online at home, you should invest in product photography and spend all your free time to think of ways to promote it.

9. Open A Bakery Shop

You love making delicious cakes, or cakes with unique shapes. Instead of producing them for family members, why not use them for business? Opening a bakery is a very effective form of small business at home for those who are skillful and passionate about food.

Currently, there are many individual bakery shops opened, but the quality of the cake is only mass and not many characteristics.

If you are completely skilled at baking, this is a great opportunity for you. Both develop your abilities and be an effective way to get rich at home, especially on holidays.

However, instead of making big cakes like birthday cakes, make biscuits or small cakes. Because these cakes are easier to sell and also suitable for the needs of the majority of consumers. They often hesitate to buy too big cakes because they don’t finish them.

Usually, they think small cakes are usually better. And don’t forget the eye-catching décor for those cakes. Young people especially like cakes with unique decorations.

You can also trade online at home with this bakery model. Please post pictures of beautiful, delicious cakes you make on social networks, people will find beautiful to buy and your job is just to ship the goods for customers.

10. Open Cosmetics Business

Cosmetics are very hot nowadays, so you may want to consider selling this item if you want to trade small at home. These are beauty products, you can make your own (handmade cosmetics) or taken from many domestic sources or imported from abroad.

However, make sure the product you sell is of good quality if you want to grow your business if your product is not safe, can be handled according to the law depending on your level. violate.

Inventing many types of handmade cosmetics has brought a lot of revenue for many young people, even many people make up to 100 million / month when selling online at the home of handmade cosmetics.

However, this form requires you to have an in-depth understanding of what you make, and ensure that it is completely of good quality, safe for the skin.


With some small home-based business ideas shared by smartstartupideas, have you chosen any ideas for yourself? Choosing a suitable business idea for yourself, the reference to sales methods, sales management to suit market trends, and business efficiency improvement cannot be ignored. Where okay. I wish you success with your own business path. Do not forget to share with me many more small business ideas at home.

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