10 Best and Smart Business Ideas to Make Money

smart business ideas

Looking for smart business ideas which are best and that make a large amount of money? Then you have jumped into the right article.

Here in this article we will discuss 10 innovative and smart business ideas that new entrepreneurs can use to make money.

10 Smart Business Ideas

A Different Cyclist Helmet

A good cyclist helmet provides important safety for the rider. These helmets can prevent serious injury or death to the driver in potential accidents. Despite all these benefits and safety, many drivers insist on setting off without a helmet. Taking a step to overcome this insistence, the newly established company, Park & ​​Diamond, aims to eliminate cyclists’ bias and objections.

Park & ​​Diamond Bicycle Helmet, which was recently unveiled on Indiegogo site, stands out with its interesting features. Designed primarily like a normal hat (baseball cap), the helmet claims to offer the same comfort. With this structure, it looks more natural than conventional helmets. It is aimed to ensure that cyclists do not give up the helmets required for safe driving by offering such an option that they can normally wear.

Electric Powered Refrigerator

Yuma 60L refrigerator, which can operate without electricity, fan and air compressor, is an invention that can be very useful in camps, third world countries and disaster areas with energy shortages. While it won’t be able to store your drinks as cold as a regular refrigerator, Yuma 60L promises to keep what’s inside you at a temperature that’s right for you. Moreover, you do not need to use electricity while doing this job.

Saying that the Fenik Yuma refrigerator can store your food without using electricity or ice, Jeremy Fryer-Biggs, the co-founder of the manufacturer, states that the machine is delivered flat and can be installed and used as a tent within 20 seconds. Fryer-Biggs: “Thanks to its pre-installation state, the refrigerator can be easily transported. After installation, you open the lid, put the food in it and run it by adding water to the machine. Water absorbs heat energy from the food in the machine and evaporates through the smart material called PhasTek. This is the same method our body uses to cool itself. As a result, your food remains intact for longer. While Yuma can work wherever there is not excessive moisture, it can be compressed as desired and folded when necessary to save space. 

Smartphone App to Water Plants at Home

While it is not difficult to look at a few plants, it can be a difficult challenge to make sure that your friends are constantly watered when the number of flowers and plants in the house rises above a certain point. Aside from the fact that each plant requires different amounts of water, the watering intervals of these creatures also differ. Therefore, it can be confusing at times to keep track of when and how much plants are watered.

This smartphone application called Dryp was developed to find a solution to the problem. The application, which basically works as a reminder, is designed for people who constantly kill their home plants for neglect. Once all the plants in your home have been put into practice, Dryp will remind you which plant to water when, and list the next watering times. The application also helps you to identify and improve the problems in your plants. The successful campaign will be offered to users on both Android and iOS platforms. 

Ultra Fast Toothbrush

Tired of brushing, cleaning, mouthwash and floss rituals to keep your teeth clean, healthy and white? For a long time, you have been the only advanced technology electric toothbrush you rely on for this challenging and challenging job. Although electric toothbrushes are a step in the right direction, halo has not been able to eliminate this tedious and tiring job. But what if there was a much shorter way to do the same job and keep your teeth clean in the same way.

If you want the same thing, you may want to check out the fully automatic toothbrush EZ Toothbrush, which claims to be able to do the necessary cleaning in just a few seconds. The device is a large mouthpiece with hairs on it. When you operate the device you put in your mouth, it starts to clean your teeth with high frequency vibration. It is alleged that the device takes only a few seconds to clean your teeth, and the quality of work does not look for a normal toothbrush. 

Multipurpose Outdoor Quilt

Outdoor quilts, which are not very new, are produced by many companies in various sizes, shapes and features. However, the new Bobcat produced by Kammok manages to come to the fore with several unique features. Unlike most quilts, Bobcat can become a place where you can warm it up or lie on your hammock and sleep comfortably thanks to its connection system.

The creators of the product on their page in Kickstarter, “Bobcat, which is designed to be versatile, is a quilt that you can use as a normal quilt, lay it under you or put it on you. It is light and heat insulated and can be carried easily and is also waterproof and has features to make you comfortable.

Innovative Headlamp

Whether you like camping or not or rarely go out for jogging at night, the lighting you put on your head gives you invaluable convenience by illuminating the path you go without the need to use your hands. On the other hand, these products, which are equivalent to attaching a lantern to your head, are often uncomfortable tools. For this reason, Biolite appears as a product that we could not find and find headlamps. Light and thinly designed lighting was produced to ensure that it provides sufficient light.

Biolite’s first highlight is that it is designed for comfortable use. The headband, which is made of a material that absorbs moisture, contains electronic parts in the fabric weaving in order to prevent cumbersome. While many overhead lighting brings the weight in one place and allows the tool to fall easily, Biolite has chosen a balanced distribution path by positioning the battery behind the head. In addition to options such as red light, flashlight and white light, Biolite has short and wide and long and narrow styles in two light colors. Biolite, with 330 lumen light power, can last up to 40 hours on a single charge when operated at the lowest level.

Smartphone Balance Ring

As the cameras of smartphones evolved, movie buffs started using them professionally. In fact, an iPhone was used in the production of the movie “Tangerine”, shot in 2015. Flickering cameras are a big problem for the movie industry. For the solution of this problem, we see Atom, the 3-axis smartphone balance ring. For those who have not heard of the balance ring before, if there is an explanation; This apparatus, also called gimbal, serves to move the camera without shaking and shaking. A gimbal with a very small size befitting the name of the atom. Moreover, it is easy to carry thanks to its foldable structure.

The atom can hold up to 310 grams, which means you can wear lenses on your smartphone. The tool’s own weight is only 440 grams. In this way, everyone can easily use Atom without getting tired. It is also possible to find apparatus for the smartphone camera with many different functions besides Atom.

Origami Canoe

What is better than origami is that you should be able to get into the water with the origami you make. You can now do this with Haven canoe, the latest innovation of Oru Kano. Moreover, you can take one with you. Oru’s previous product was a canoe that can be folded in a similar way and fits easily into your arc. The canoe this time is made from polymer, a lightweight and sturdy material, and although it weighs only 18 kilograms, it can carry loads up to 227 kilograms. Haven was also designed to fit two adults.

Even if you want to use Haven, which offers ease of use with its stylish and light design, you can make the necessary adjustments and turn it into a high performance single person canoe. If you have a more relaxed and comfortable ride, Haven can also offer you accessories such as fishing rod or glass holder.

Smart Key

It is annoying not to remember whether you locked the door or not. In this situation that happens to all of us, you should either go home and check the door or spend a tense time with the feeling that thieves throw javelin in your home all day. But what if there was a solution to this? Would a device telling you whether your doors were locked or not would it work?

Technically, Internet-connected smart locks can be found through the Internet of Things. The trouble is that these locks need a grueling setup process. SureKey does not require any installation other than attaching a plastic piece with a sensor to your key. SureKey, who took over later, performs its duty thanks to the accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer in it. 

Customizable Electric Bicycle

These days, it is possible to find electric bicycles of all types, shapes and features. The fact that the technology needed for the production of electric bicycles has advanced in recent years has made it easier for everyone to find a product they want. On the other hand, no matter how advanced the bike technology is, very few electric bikes allow you to change it and customize it to your liking.

Sterka M1 wants to change this situation. Instead of placing all the parts for the hard-to-reach skeleton, the designers produced the M1 model so that it could be worked on. With the hex key and a few screwdrivers, you can completely disassemble the bike and arrange it as you like. If you want to install a larger battery or a more powerful engine, all you have to do is just a few bolts to remove.

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